February 18, 2019
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Britain expresses concern over Houthi attacks on Saudi Arabia

Author: SPAFri, 2018-04-13 22:23ID: 1523647471162144800

LONDON: Britain has expressed deep concern about ballistic missile attacks by Houthis on Saudi cities and says it stand by the Kingdom in the face of such threats.
British Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson said in a statement on Friday: “I am very concerned about the multiple missile attacks launched by Houthis from Yemen toward Saudi Arabia, threatening areas with high-population density and commercial infrastructure, including in Riyadh, for the fourth time in five months.”
“We will call on the UN to investigate how ballistic weapons reach Yemen in violation of Security Council resolutions,” he said.
“Those responsible for firing these missiles and their supporters must stop these provocative acts and return to political dialogue to ensure an end to the conflict in Yemen.”

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