September 21, 2018

Abu Dhabi DED to support innovative start-ups

This is especially significant as 2018s conference, held from 9 to 10 May 2018in Abu Dhabi, will have a particular focus on tech start-ups, presenting a platform and business growth opportunities for these organisations to show the potential of their projects, products and research and compete for investment.

In addition to providing a monetary award to the best start-ups, they have also offered their full support to start-ups looking to set up in the capital, including facilitating the filing of patents.

This news was shared at a closed-door roundtable held recently, where the panelists included RDPETRO Chairman Qasem Al Kayoumi, who is also Head of ADNOCs Technical Center.

Citing technological innovation and R&D investment as a key enabler to ADNOCs 2030 Smart Growth strategy to creating a more profitable upstream, a more valuable downstream, and a more sustainable and economic gas supply, Al Kayoumi underscored the importance of RDPETRO. “RDPETRO is rooted in our collective, specific challenges, and focused on finding effective solutions from R&D and innovation in tech, in academia, in any industry—wherever they may come from providing they can show the value of their ideas.”

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