March 20, 2019
Middle East spotlights Saudi Arabian women

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RIYADH: As Saudi Arabia continues to work toward realizing its Vision 2030 objectives, a key part of which is to provide women with more support, mobility, and economic opportunities, the online portal has been covering stories highlighting the various roles and realities of women in the Kingdom that often go unmentioned, with the ultimate aim of broadening the narrative of Saudi women in the media.
This year has been a period of development and monumental changes as Saudi women continue to break boundaries, set new standards, and pave the way for others to pursue their dreams. From more women filling top leadership positions, to others taking on the forces of nature to put Saudi Arabia on the map, this has been a groundbreaking phase for the Kingdom spearheaded by its women.

To date, a number of Saudi women have been appointed by royal decree to top leading roles this year, making them perhaps some of the most powerful women in the Kingdom.
Samar bint Mazin Saleh made history this week by becoming the commercial attaché at the Saudi Commercial Attaches Office in Tokyo; another landmark appointment was made as Nouf Abdullah Al-Rakan became the executive director of the Saudi Arabian Federation for Cyber Security, Programming and Drones (SAFCSP); Dr. Tamador Al-Rammah was named Deputy Minister of Labor and Social Development earlier this year; and Professor Kawther bint Mousa Al-Arbash was appointed a member of the board of trustees of the King Abdulaziz Center for National Dialogue.
Mariam Hamidaddin became the first Saudi Arabian woman to ski the last degree to the geographic North Pole.
Mariam Hamed Fardous went on to set the record as the first woman from Saudi Arabia — and the third woman worldwide — to dive in the North Pole.
From sports, to style, to government, addresses the contributions and important role of Saudi women in the Kingdoms advancement and journey toward modernization.

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