March 24, 2019

CBS Upfront Presentation: Live Blog

CBSs Armageddon Upfront will begin soon.

Technically speaking, this Upfront Weeks most anticipated new-schedule unveiling will be held at famed Carnegie Hall, per usual.

But it will be begin mere hours after Shari Redstones National Amusements took the nuclear option, changing CBS Corps bylaws ahead of tomorrows board meeting to consider diluting the familys control over the network. NAI said it had to make the move to ensure “the long-term success of CBS” – which is the best gag youre going to hear at Upfront Week – sorry Jimmy Kimmel – given the Redstone record running Viacom versus Leslie Moonves running of CBS.

As CBS Corp chairman Moonves and CBS Entertainment chief Kelly Kahl are walking advertisers through their plans for next season, CBS and Shari are literally still duking it out in Delaware Chancery court.

NAI went nuclear to prevent what is claimed was an unlawful action by CBS to introduce the idea of issuing voting shares of stock to investors who now own non-voting shares, effectively diluting Sharis control over the company.

IIn Carnegie Hall, CBS execs will boast theyre about to finish the season as Americas most watched network for a 10th straight season and the 15th in 16 years. This despite NBC having the Super Bowl and the Olympics.

Kahl is going to explain that most schedule changes fall on Monday – the networks night of biggest declines this season. “We can stomach second place here and there, but third place is a no-no,” Kahl explained to press at the traditional CBS Upfront breakfast, where Moonves was a no-show.

Kahls already has given a morning test-run to an “I feel bad for NBC” joke about decision to schedule much-anticipated Murphy Brown redux on Thursdays at 9:30 PM, following networks Prime Chuck Block: Chuck Lorre comedies The Big Bang Theory at 8 PM, Young Sheldon at 8:30 PM and Moms at 9. It played big, so expect a Carnegie Hall repeat.

I Feel Bad is, of course the name of NBCs new single-cam comedy series going into Murphys timeslot, where the much-loved title character now anchors a Morning Joe-ish cable news morning program in a Trumpy post-truth world.

Its scheduled to start at 4 PM ET. Stay tuned….

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