March 20, 2019

Former Bank of England deputy Charlotte Hogg breaks her silence on mistake

Charlotte Hogg, the former deputy governor of the Bank of England (BoE) who resigned last year after failing to declare that her brother was a senior executive at Barclays, has said that shes “moved on” and that she hopes the mistake will make her a better leader.

In an interview with the BBC, Hogg said that the support of her friends and colleagues had enabled her to “bounce back” from the incident which ended her tenure as deputy at the BoE, where many believe she could have been the next governor.

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"I think it also has made me a different kind of leader in the organisation I'm in today,” said Hogg, who is now chief executive of Visa Europe.

"I hope it makes me a more positive one actually, because when something bad happens and you bounce back you see the possibilities in life and that's a wonderful place to be.”

Hogg also repeated her apology, first made public in the resignation letter she submitted when she quit last March.

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"I think I've said everything I needed to when I resigned,” she said. “But I apologise for the mistake I made and I apologised to my colleagues and you know, we all moved on.”

Hogg also said that she hoped the experience she went through would be something of an inspiration to other women.

"We need to give women in our society the opportunity to contribute in any way they want, whether it's financial services or in schools," she said.

"And if by seeing one person who's gone through a bit of a bump, but has learnt through that, helps them to find whatever their path is in life, then that would be a good thing.”

Hogg also said she wanted Visa to become an even more diverse organisation, and wants more women in top leadership positions.

"It's not just about gender, it's about all forms of opinion and all forms of protected characteristics, but it's a good start, so I think I have a responsibility and I hope I live up to that."

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