March 19, 2019

Berkeley Assets acquires blockchain technology firm Cryptech

The blockchain firm invests in ideas and start-ups that are utilising blockchain as well as actively trade Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple and Litecoin, attracting interest from investors who are eager to explore the opportunities to achieve substantial short term growth in technology.

In-depth knowledge by Cryptech experts allows them to identify leaders and opportunities in the market and recognise trends and spikes in cryptocurrencies demand.

According to Mike Clark, Partner at Berkeley Assets, “Our acquisition of Cryptech makes perfect sense because Berkeley Assets has a history of investing in firms which lead from the front, show innovation and are forward thinking”.

Investment banks are investing in the technology behind the coins, valuing its power to transform traditional systems in which business is done implementing ways to capitalise on cryptocurrencies.

In a statement by Berkeley, the adoption of blockchain has been a sweeping global trend for leading organisations given the technologys security and transparent access to information benefits.

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