September 20, 2018

DIFC Academy of Law and SBA to deliver professional legal training and qualification

Dubai International Financial Centres (DIFC) Academy of Law and the Saudi Bar Association (SBA) have signed a cooperation agreement to deliver joint legal training programmes.

In view of Saudi Vision 2030 to encourage investment in infrastructure and diversified business sectors, the parties will focus on legal system and professional development. Under the agreement, the SBA Academy and DIFC Academy will provide learning and development activities for legal professionals with various backgrounds, from experienced English language Common Law practitioners to newly qualified lawyers and those currently operating in Arabic speaking civil systems.

“This cross-border collaboration with the Saudi Bar Association demonstrates our shared vision of developing an integrated legal system as a robust platform for national and regional economic development. The Academy of Law looks forward to devising opportunities to help legal professionals in Saudi Arabia operate effectively in an increasingly complex commercial ecosystem,” said David Gallo, Director, DIFC Academy of Law.

Since its inception in 2015, the DIFC Academy of Law has identified the legal needs of multinational corporations and found that broad competencies were required for lawyers to deliver value. It has devised a strategy for filling gaps in traditional legal education by focusing on cross-training students and lawyers in civil and common law systems, providing international and comparative law perspectives, expanding access to knowledge by offering Arabic and English language courses, and teaching practical skills to help lawyers develop the competencies required to best serve the legal needs of international clients.

“Signing the cooperation letter comes within the ongoing efforts to strengthen the SBA Academy programmes that provide the international expertise to deliver professional qualitative training. Such programmes contribute to raising the competency of Saudi lawyers and preparing them to work in international legal environments,” said Baker Al Haboob, SBA Secretary-General.

The Academy of Law provides access to valuable legal education opportunities in the Middle East that have global value. Examples include New York and California bar exam preparation; qualified lawyers transfer scheme (QLTS) preparation to help foreign lawyers qualify as Solicitors in England and Wales; Common Law Practice for Civil Law Lawyers; In-House Corporate Counsel Certification; Legal English; and, Mediation Certification.

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