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FaceOf: Talat Hafiz, secretary-general of the Media and Banking Awareness Committee for Saudi Banks

Author: Thu, 2018-07-12 21:05

Talat Hafiz is secretary-general of the Media and Banking Awareness Committee for Saudi Banks.

With over 30 years experience in financial analysis and banking, Hafiz is responsible for enhancing banking knowledge in Saudi society.

On Wednesday, he led the first panel discussion at the 12th BMG Economic Forum in London under the theme “Business and Financial Environments in Saudi Arabia.”

The BMG Economic Forum addressed wider investment opportu- nities in Saudi Arabia and the King- doms vision for the future.

“Saudi Arabia is the heart of the Arab world and an investment powerhouse,” Hafiz said.

British MP John Glen pledged UK support for the Kingdoms comprehensive Vision 2030 plan.

Hafiz gained a masters degree in professional accounting from Hartford University, Connecticut, in 1984. After graduating, he joined one of the leading commercial banks in the Middle East, the National Commercial Bank (NCB), and went on to hold senior positions including corporate branch manager and head of private banking.

Hafiz worked as an assistant professor at King Saud University in the accounting department from 1977-1983.

He has also acted as CEO for United Assets Co., an investment and real estate development company.

An economic and financial analyst and columnist, Hafiz has hosted several economic and finance programs on the Saudi Television Network.

Along with his responsibilities as secretary-general, Hafiz serves as a board member for the General Organization of Social Security, the Saudi Broadcasting Corporation and Baazeem Trading Co.

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