April 18, 2019
Middle East

Abu Dhabi rolls out number plate recognition technology

A car speeds past on an Abu Dhabi road.

Abu Dhabi: Radars in Abu Dhabi have been equipped with new technology known as Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR), Abu Dhabi Police said on Instagram on Monday.

The newly introduced feature is designed to read number plates, monitor traffic flow and keep an eye on the number of vehicles in the area.

Camera flashlights are not for catching speed violators, the police said. Motorists can look up their smart applications or traffic police websites to check their registered traffic-related violations before making a complaint.

Motorists are urged to abide by the new posted speed limits.

Similar radars

However, the police installed 17 solar-powered speed radars last September on an accident-prone road in Abu Dhabi. They are installed on the Ghabat Al Maha Road to Al Ashoosh Road, from Seih Al Sudairi tunnel to Al Faqa intersection in both directions.

Brigadier-General Ali Khalfan Al Dhaheri, director of central operations, Abu Dhabi Police, said: "The installation of new radars on the roads is part of a comprehensive plan to improve traffic safety and reduce accidents."

"The new radars were installed [in] areas that were found to be more prone to violations and accidents that have on many occasions led to loss of lives."

Police said the new radars would help keep tabs on drivers' bad behaviour and reduce traffic violations on the roads.

The radars were fixed to catch speeding motorists, bad lane discipline, overtaking on the hard shoulder and others.

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