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Where We Are Going Today: Overdose Cafe in Jeddah

Author: Sat, 2018-10-13 04:20

JEDDAH: Simplicity and uniqueness are trends in dining these days, and few places seem to be doing it better than Overdose Cafe in Jeddah. It is becoming increasingly popular as word of mouth spreads, and as a result the crowds outside seem to grow larger every day.

Overdose has its own signature style for doing everything. There are no desserts, for example, nor is there a huge variety of coffee; it serves four drinks only — but in a unique style. Servers make the coffee in front of the customer by placing a transparent cup with a flavored syrup of choice on a round platform, then filling it with ice before adding milk and pouring in two shots of espresso.

The atmosphere and stylish decor is also a hit with customers. The café is decorated with espresso glasses and cups with syrups ready for the servers to grab, while the walls are covered with coffee-related art quotes. One of my favorites is “Caffeine, its my drug of choice,” as it sums up a journalists life to perfection.

Rarely do I drink coffee that makes me crave another immediately after the last drop but Overdoses Spanish latte was one that did.

Well-trained staff, an artistic aesthetic and warm vibes come together to make Overdose the ideal place to enjoy a cup of well-made coffee.

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