February 20, 2019

Malibu Film Society Hopes To Renew Operations In Happier Times

Malibu Film Society

The Malibu Film Society may be down, but its not out. Not surprisingly, tonights screening of Beautiful Boy and Wednesdays Widows screening have been postponed because of the wildfires that ravaged the coastal colony. But executive director Scott Tallal said the Malibu Film Society soon will be back in the business of sharing films and a sense of community.

“As reporters for both The Malibu Times and KBUU-FM, Karen York arranged for me and Jimy [his wife] to be escorted past the roadblocks on Monday and drove from one end of PCH to the other. Other than burned hillsides in the distance and scattered pockets where the brush burned right up to (and, in some cases, jumped) the road, the town looks surprisingly normal.

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“We fully sympathize with the pain of those who lost their homes (we lost ours). That said, weve spent many of the past several nights with friends whove been kind enough to take us into their homes — occasionally watching movies — and that sense of togetherness has really been wonderful. And those movie nights have been really special, a great way to think about something else for a while. Which is why we hope to resume operations as soon as we can. Our goal is to provide opportunities to bring the community together on a regular basis, spending time together and enjoying some great movies.

“Of course, that cant happen until mid-Malibu is reopened to the public — so for now, all of this weeks screenings have all been postponed…We hope everyone managed to make it out safely, especially as it sounds like our community has suffered extensive property loss…We wish all of you the best, and hope to see you again soon in happier times.”

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