May 20, 2019




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Middle East

Turkish ministers to travel to Russia to discuss situation in Syria: Report

Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu will join the delegation to Moscow (Reuters/File photo) S..


Where German parties stand on Europe

BERLIN — Germany’s election on September 24 is not just about who will become chancellor — it will i..

Middle East

The Druze have to face that in Israel, some are far more equal than others

Heres a riddle: when is a campaign for equality not really about equality? When its in Israel, it se..


Congo record 27 new cases of Ebola in a single day

The outbreak, which is the second deadliest in history, has proved difficult to bring under control ..


Chechen lawmakers seek third consecutive term for Putin as president of Russia

The Chechen parliament has unanimously voted to prepare and draft a constitutional amendment that wo..


Eiffel Tower closed as heavy snow hits Paris

Photographs shared by the Eiffel Tower's official Twitter account showed the French capital bla..


Labour quits cross-party Brexit talks with Tories

Labour has pulled out of cross-party Brexit talks with the Conservatives, with leader Jeremy Corbyn ..

Middle East

Makkah governor names winners of 9th Award for Excellence

Wed, 2018-05-02 23:27 JEDDAH: Upgrading the Jeddah waterfront and improving the lives of prisoner..

Middle East

Trump’s Middle East peace envoy asks Arab states to condemn Hamas at UN: Report

US special envoy Jason Greenblatt in the West Bank city of Jericho last year (AFP) The Trump admini..


How to beat rogue builders and landlords – give us YOUR stories and we can help

GETTY NIGHTMARE: When something goes wrong with your home its a whole different matter Shoddy b..