A home DNA kit for £130 – is it worth it?

You’ve seen the ads: ancestry tests that can link you to long-lost relatives and, with just a small saliva sample, map your roots. I took the test

I am not British. This came as a bit of surprise to me, given I was born in London to parents who had themselves been born in London, with a family history as pub tenants in the East End going back to the 1860s at least.

But according to a DNA kit from I’m only 9% British. It tells me I’m 47% Irish, 33% Belgian/Dutch/German/French and 7% Scandinavian. But how much should we trust these DNA kits that are so widely advertised on television – and crucially, what do they do with our deeply personal DNA data? Share it with anyone else on the globe seems to be the answer.

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