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Saudi-led coalition rescues young girl being used as human shield by Houthis in Yemeni conflict

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RIYADH: The Saudi-led coalition spokesperson Col. Turki Al-Malki stated on Saturday that a four-year old baby girl named Jamilah had been delivered to a representative of the legitimate government of Yemen.
In the presence of representatives of International Red Crescent, Human Rights Council and director of the Child Protection Unit in the Joint Forces Command of the Coalition, aimed at restoring legitimacy in Yemen.
Al-Malki explained that the Yemen National Army captured the childs father during operations in the Sadah governorate.
Al-Malki clarified that during the advance of the YNA forces, an armed vehicle, that was driven by a Houthi armed militant, attacked YNA forces.
During the monitoring process, it was made clear that there was a child onboard.
That is when the YNA forces took all precautionary and preventive measures to ensure the safety of the child.
After the vehicle was damaged and prevented from further advancement, and during the apprehension of the driver, who was identified as an Iranian-Houthi militia field commander carrying advanced tactical weapons, a 4-year-old girl was found dressed in boys clothes.
It was discovered that the driver was her father, and that her presence in the battlefield was for the reason of being used as a human shield, as the Houthi militia is familiar with the Coalitions rules of engagement, especially those that relate to child protection.
The Joint Forces of the Coalition, represented by its Child Protection Unit, provided necessary medical care for the child, and coordinated the return of the child to her family.
She was delivered to the legitimate government of Yemen, in the presence of her family and relatives, on Saturday.
The Joint Forces Command provided financial aid to the girls family.
Col. Al-Maliki asserted that Houthi militia is flagrantly defying international humanitarian law through recruiting children, throwing them into the battlefield and using them as human shields to ensure the safety of their movements.

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