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Badges providing basic Two Holy Mosques information given to children, the elderly and non-Arabic speakers

Author: Tarek Ali AhmadTue, 2018-05-22 16:26ID: 1526995639284622800

DUBAI: A new system of badges has been created to help children, the elderly and non-Arabic speakers that are lost, be reunited with their groups while performing the pilgrimage.
The badges carry information and symbols on the various sites of the Two Holy Mosques which can be shown to others to help get directions – the Saudi state news agency SPA reported.
The Director of the General Department of Social Services, Misfer bin Amer Asiri, said the guides would be issued to children accompanying their families during Hajj and Umrah.
Each badge will show symbols of each location that lost person can show to helpers, who will then provide directions.
Meanwhile the Zamzam Department has also provided vehicles to carry water containers to those in need of rehydration.

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