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ThePlace: Fayfa Mountains in the southwest of Saudi Arabia

Author: ARAB NEWSID: 1539979746122551200Sat, 2018-10-20 23:07

Fayfa Mountains In a largely desert country that contains large expanses of the Rub Al-Khali — “the empty quarter” — one might not expect to also find an area filled with luscious vegetation and greenery. Yet the Fayfa Mountains in the southwest of Saudi Arabia, to the east of Jazan, offer just such a lush environment, which can justifiably be described as “heaven on earth.”
The heritage of the region and its people is as rich as the color of the grass in spring. They have their own popular arts, folk tales, legends and poetry. Twenty tribes and clans make up the population of this area. The tribesmen wear flowery wreaths in their hair and wrap colorful cloth around their waists, and as a part of their traditional dress they sometimes also wear silver daggers hanging from belts.
With its rich vegetation and moderate climate, the Fayfa mountain range provides the perfect habitat for a wide variety of wildlife. The weather is moderate, compared with other mountain ranges in the Kingdom, as the breezes that blow in carry moisture from the Red Sea, which helps to prevent it from becoming too cold.
The Fayfa Mountains are also home to the largest museum in the Jazan region, which is located in a castle and has displays of priceless historical treasures including vintage weapons and bandoliers, ropes, carriage bags, tools, fire lanterns and much more.
Agriculture is the main industry in the area, as the fertile land is perfect for cereals, fruits and aromatic plants.
Despite the dreamy location and its many attractions, not many people are aware of the Fayfa Mountains. With fog-enveloped landscapes and air so rich that breathing in it increases your energy and makes you feel good about yourself, it definitely deserves more recognition and appreciation.

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