Nigel Farage will RETURN to fight Mays ‘Brexit Betrayal’: ‘No more Mr Nice Guy’

The former UKIP leader said the UKs divorce from Europe could not be delivered under Theresa Mays leadership and only a Brexiteer would be able to impliment the referendum result.

“If I have to step back into the fray and do it all again I shall,” he told The Sun on Sunday:

“But this time there would be no more Mr Nice Guy. I would knock their legs from underneath them.”

This week Mrs May revealed her draft Brexit withdrawal agreement, which many Brexiteers have slammed as it could leave the UK tied to the blocs customs union indefinitely.

Brexit Secretary Dominic Raab resigned, claiming he had been misled about the contents of the document, which offers no clear way for the UK to break away from many EU rules and regulations.

Nigel Farage Brexit

BETRAYAL: Farage thinks Mays Brexit plan betrays the referendum result (Pic: Getty)

Mr Farage, 54, blasted: “Ive been campaigning to leave the EU for a quarter of a century. I believe in it with all my heart and soul and gave up the best part of my adult for it.

“But Ive been watching recent events with growing dismay and Im not the only one.

“Little old ladies grab my arm in the supermarket and ask Whats going on? Is it going to happen? Well I will do my utmost to make damned sure it Brexit does happen.”

The former UKIP leader argued Mrs May must resign if Brexit is to be delivered. “If she stays, we dont get Brexit,” he declared.

DEFIANT: May has said she will not step aside (Pic: Getty)

Mrs May, however, insisted on Sunday morning she will not be stepping aside, telling Sophy Ridge on Sky News that “a change of leadership at this point is not going to make the negotiations any easier.”

She also said that "as far as I know" there have not been enough Tory MPs sending in letters of no confidence to trigger a vote of no confidence in her leadership.

A leadership contest, she said, will “delay negotiations” and mean that “Brexit gets delayed.”

In the interview, Mr Farage also said it had been a mistake for him to leave UKIP and frontline politics after the referendum, continuing:

“If we do not get a proper Brexit in any way at all, I will be forced to do something again. There are people sitting in the House of Commons who would regret that very bitterly.

DISAPPOINTED: Mr Farage is still a Member of the European Parliament (Pic: Getty)

“If I were to enter the political fray it would be the Tories who get hurt in the short term. They would be mullered. I dont really want to. Its not a decision I would take lightly or with any glee.

“Im enjoying myself, going to speak in America, popping over to Brussels, doing a programme on LBC…Im enjoying myself.

“So, Im not going to re-enter politics lightly but Im not going to stand aside and do nothing if Brexit is betrayed.”

However, if Mrs Mays Brexit fails to get “back the independence of our nation, making our own laws, controlling our own borders,” Mr Farage said:

PROTEST: Many pro-EU campaigners are also opposed to Mrs May's plan (Pic: Getty)

“There will be two options for me then. It may be I try to go back to UKIP, which has been through a rather bleak period, and pick up the pieces and if that proves impossible well start something new.

“Do not underestimate this issue. It has already turned British politics upside down – its the only issue that can break the two-party system.

“This is visceral. Its patriotic. Its about our country. Its about who we are. This is how these working communities feel.”

Meanwhile, Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn said Sunday morning his party cannot support Mrs May's "vague" Brexit deal, adding another referendum is an "option for the future – but not an option for today".

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