Venezuela wont become 2nd Syria: Lavrov sure S. America wont back military invasion v. Maduro

Tensions over Venezuela wont escalate into a new Caribbean Crisis or turn the country into “a second Syria,” Russias FM Sergey Lavrov has assured, bashing the US for treating the Western Hemisphere as its backyard.

“We dont accept the methods, with which the US is trying to improve the life of the Venezuelan people,” Lavrov said in an interview with Moskovsky Komsomolets newspaper.

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Venezuelas Constituent Assembly strips opposition leader Guaido of immunity

Washington has outright backed opposition leader, Juan Guaido, who declared himself interim president of Venezuela in January. It has introduced hash economic sanctions against the struggling country, preventing it from importing food and medical supplies. Top US officials also threatened with so-called “humanitarian intervention” of Venezuela in order to remove unwanted socialist leader, Nicolas Maduro, from power.

Lavrov pointed out that even those countries on the continent that oppose Maduro and want a snap election in Venezuela got “really stressed out” when the Americans mentioned the use of force.

“I guarantee you that if therell be an attempt of a military intervention, the vast majority of Latin American states will outright reject it,” he said.

Despite the strong rhetoric from Washington, “I dont think that the Caribbean Crisis will be recreated,” Lavrov said, adding that “there can also be no talk about a second Syria in Venezuela.”

The Caribbean Crisis put the US and Soviet Union on the brink of a nuclear war in 1962 after Moscow placed its missiles in Cuba in response to Washington deploying ballistic missiles in Italy and Turkey.

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The top Russian diplomat also stressed that it was “insolent” of the US to treat the Western Hemisphere as its own backyard – one which other countries shouldnt have access to.

The minister also responded to US National Security Adviser, John Bolton, who commented on reports of Read More – Source