Tommy Robinson gets LAUGHED AT as he loses £5k deposit in dismal election performance

Robinson was jeered and branded "racist" and “fascist” as he finished with just 2.2% of the vote in the North West.

Results for the region were read out in Manchester, and laughter swept the crowd as the far-right agitator was announced to have finished eighth out of 11.

He reportedly slinked off early after it became clear he was not going to win a seat in the EU Parliament amid divisions over Brexit.

The founder of the EDL – real name Stephen Yaxley-Lennon – blamed his loss on social media companies Twitter and Facebook.

Big tech firms banned him from their platforms over allegations for breaking policies on hate speech.

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“I feel like I have been fighting with my hands tied behind my back”

Tommy Robinson

Robinson denies he is racist – saying he is only opposed to radical Islam.

His campaign was dogged with humiliating moments as he was constantly shadowed by protestors.

It included him being pelted with milkshakes twice, and being chased away by activists asking “are you a nonce?”.

Manchester City keeper Ederson also denied knowing who he was after Tommys campaign attempted to claim he was backing them after a posed selfie.

Tommy Robinson

LAUGHING STOCK: Tommy Robinson was jeered as his dismal result was announced at Manchester (Pic: PA)

Robinson stayed for just short of an hour at the count venue at Manchester Central as he conceded defeat before the first council area result was officially declared.

Speaking on arrival at the count in Manchester, he said: "Trump won his campaign on social media. Brexit was won on social media. I'm banned from social media.

"So my ability to fight a fair campaign is gone, orchestrated and organised by the Government.

"I feel like I have been fighting with my hands tied behind my back.”

Tommy Robinson

ALL SMILES: Tommy Robinson as he arrives at the count – he left an hour later (Pic: PA) Related Articles

Tommy Robinson

MOANING: Tommy Robinson blamed his poor performance on social media (Pic: PA)

Robinson moaned he would have “walked the election” and said it wasnt a “fair campaign” if he still had social media.

He added: "I am just happy if I got non-voters to vote. I'm happy if I politicised people from working class communities.

"I think this whole election is about Brexit so Nigel Farage can absolutely smash it but I would be excited about that if the Brexit Party would talk about the issues that I feel affect most of us in working class communities.

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