The Daily Show And Trevor Noah Try To Parse Robert Muellers Confusing Speech

Robert Mueller has been in the news for two years, but as the Daily Shows Trevor Noah noted, we never heard from him.

In fact, Noah said, we dont even know what his voice sounds like. “For all we (knew), he could talk like a Minion,” riffing off the famed Sony characters and their chittering voices.

Mueller didnt sound like that when he finally spoke. He did choose an excellent time slot, though, Noah noted, “since thats when the Bachelorette is not on.”

The frenzy of speculation before his speech was taken to task by Noah. “Will he bring charges, will he bring sexy back, will he replace Adam Levine on the Voice?” Noah skeptically noted that nature shows would be ruined if such speculation were transferred.

Finally, Mueller noted there were “multiple, systematic efforts to interfere with our election. Every American needs to pay attention.”

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