Brexit bombshell: Tony Blair says no deal now VERY likely after talks with ‘EU contacts’

TONY BLAIR is now resigned to not only Brexit but also to a prediction that negotiation will fail and the UK will exit the European Union with no deal.

Mr Blair who is spending the coronavirus lockdown at his home has described his current thoughts on the Brexit process. The former Labour leader has campaigned to have a second referendum on Brexit, but now he is less hopeful of the UK securing any deal with the EU. The former Prime Minister now admits Brexit is a reality and the result will most likely be a no deal.

Tony Blair said that no deal was “the most likely thing now”.

He added that he had knowledge of the trajectory of negotiations from insider sources in Brussels.

Speaking to The Sunday Times he said: “The information I have from the European side certainly is that theyre expecting this now.

“They assume it is actually what the government would prefer.”

But Mr Blair’s worries about the consequences of a no deal scenario have been eclipsed by the financial strive that is to befall the UK because of the coronavirus crisis.

But now Mr Blair is anxious about how the UK will recover from the financial difficulties caused by the coronavirus crisis.

He said he was terrified of “the economic damage” that will result from the pandemic lockdown.

Tony Blair believes that the only way for the UK to recover from the current pandemic is to perform mass testing on a scale the UK “hasnt yet come close to”.

He described the Government’s reticence to perform mass testing because of the cost.

He described mass testing as “the single biggest decision the governments got to take at the moment”.

He added: “We are not even debating it”.

The New Labour leader then hit out at Boris Johnson’s cabinet decisions.

He urged the Prime Minister to recall “competent senior” Tories.

He name-dropped two that have in the past had contrary views to Mr Johnson.

The two names were Philip Hammond and Jeremy Hunt.

Mr Blair added: “You can learn from people whove got experience, but also take people into your confidence as to the basis youre making decisions, which gives you a certain degree of political protection, actually.”